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||Formulating, designing, and refining custom surfboards since 1973. Combining both traditional methods and modern techniques||


Extremely Versatile HPSB

The New Phase Twinzer is a High Performance Short Board with a twinzer fin set up and dual channels out the rear. It has a fin box in the center rear. The aggressive rocker coupled with the twinzer set up make it so you can get more radical in smaller weaker waves. Or, add the nub into the equation when the waves are steeper, and you're as stable as the guy with the thruster, only you can paddle faster and catch waves easier. The one pictured here is a "Oak Standard Construction" 5'6" x 19.25" x 2.375" for a 5'8" 150lbs rider. Can be made in any dims for any rider skill level.

New Phase Twinzer Deck.jpg

Concours Series

The concours series is a collaboration between Oakfoils and Daley Shapes. This run of boards is the beginning of boards shaped and glassed all in house. Very few labels can write G code, machine boards, finish shape, glass, sand and polish all under one roof. Every detail is carefully looked after. We can’t stress enough the value of what you get when you get an Oakfoils custom. Here, you can see the continuation of a life long dedication to the craft of making surfboards.

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